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Summary Post C4T Teacher #4

Film Festival 2010
This blog was about students coming together and making films for this film festival. People from all over would come to see these films as well. This gave the children a chance to do everything for the films with no help from adults. I commented back to this blog by saying that this sounds amazing. Children can learn many things about themselves by doing this kind of stuff. Also that sometimes people realize these children have amazing talents they didn’t know they had before.
Netbook Handover
This blog told us about how they were giving one class netbooks as an experiment. They are trying to further technology in their schools. Each year more and more students will get the netbooks. The students had to sign an agreement saying they will take care of the netbook and not use it in an inappropriate way. I commented back to this post and said this is not only showing the children how to research certain things and discover things on their own; but it is also teaching the children responsibility.

This entire blog can be found at Manaiakalani

Final Report on PLN

My PLN has helped me out so much! I never knew that having a PLN would be so much fun! I have enjoyed this class very much. At first I thought this class was not going to be much fun at all, but it has turned out to be one of the most exciting classes I have ever taken here at USA. My PLN will help me out very much in the future.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Summary post C4K November and 12/5

The boy’s blog I read was a short story that told us that snakes can be dangerous, snakes are sneaky and snakes can be big and little. He also had a picture of a huge snake below his story. I wrote him back and said; snakes can be sneaky. I also told him that the first thing I looked at in his short story was the huge snake in the picture below his story.
I am thankful for!
In this students blog they wrote about what they were thankful for. They wrote that they were thankful for their family. They also listed every member of their family they were thankful for. I wrote them back by saying that I am also thankful for my family and that I did not know what I would do with out them. I also told her I wished that my family was as big as theirs.
I am thankful for!
Here are the homework choices
This blog post was for any student who might have missed placed their homework sheet. I relied back to her homework assignment by saying that; this looked like a really fun way to learn spelling. And also I wish my teachers would have done this for me when I was in school.
Here are the homework choices
Yasmine was telling us about this rabbit her friend had and that they were going to teach it how to do tricks.  She told us that she doubts it will be easy to do.  I replied to her post by saying that I agree with her than it probably will be very hard to train the rabbit.  Good Luck!


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Blog Post #13

ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange! This website is very helpful for teachers because it gives them ideas for lesson plans, they can listen to podcasts, web links that help teachers in the classroom and links for students and administration as well. This website is very helpful for everyone associated with schools.
This website will be very helpful for me when I become a teacher and I cannot wait to use it. It is also helpful for us as students right now for making lesson plans for our classes at USA.

ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators & Students Statewide. This website gives kids additional material for school that they might not get at school. It also has countless resources for everyone in the school such as counselors and administration.

Additional Assignment #5

Tom Johnsons Adventures in Pencil Integration
This is a great way to teach children!! Life in general is confusing so children need to be exposed at looking at everything in life from several different angles; so I believe that a metaphor is an excellent thing to teach children. The metaphor of the pencil compared to the middle school children was very well described and very true. The middle school children are up one day and down the next just like how a pencil can write dark black and then be gray! These are totally different things that one person and pencil can do. In “He just likes the class for the pencils” was very moving. The child loved the class because she was respected and the teacher listened to him we need to respect all of the children and they will all love the class for the “pencils”. In “The medium shapes the learning” we see that mediums shapes what we are trying to teach our children.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post Progress Report Final Project

For our final project we have decided to do a movie. We are going to interview teachers about what they think about smart boards and how they think that smart bored are beneficial for the children. My partners are Kindra Blackwell and Leah Davis.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Summary Response

Click the image above to see my full summary!

I was very suprised that some students said that we should not have more money given to the art program. 40% of the students siad that music would benifit the children more than any of the other art domains. Another thing that was very suprising was that the students said that their favorite subject in elementary school was spelling. Art was offered at their school but the students still chose spelling as their favorite subject in elementary school spelling was 47%. So maybe we should put art with spelling in some kind of way.

Project 15

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blog Post #12

Children and Technology: Key Stage 2; watch this video and write about your thoughts on this video and who dose it help other than the children?

Blog #12

In this video the children tell us how much fun it is to do stuff on the computer and they do not even realize they are learning because they are having fun.  The use of technology also helps the parents out greatly.  Most of the children that are around the technology or computers actually teach the parents how to work the computer.  This also helps the parents to stay more in touch with the child's teachers and they can hear podcast from their child's class.  They can also go on the teachers sites and find educational sites to help the children in certain subjects they might need help on.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Post #11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's class
Little Kids…Big Potential
These children were amazing!! I just now am learning how to do things on blogs and do a lot of basic stuff on the internet!  These children will go very far in life.  I hope that more and more schools use these technologies to better there child’s knowledge and better their futures and knowledge of technology.  I loved Ms. Cassidy’s approaches in her class room.  I would say this is a elementary EDM 310.  I would love to use blogging in my class room and also Skype with my children.  I think that they would love to blog and they would look forward to the responses they get from people from all over the world. The impediments would be if the children did not use the blog for educational purposes and if for some reason we had technological difficulties when due dates are coming near.

Teach Someone Project #14

Summary Post C4K comments 3-7

C4K #3
Patricia drew a picture of herself pretending to a Maori Mariner. She wrote that she was paddling to Aotearoa and when she gets there she is going to kiss the golden sand. I posted on Patricia’s picture that I loved the colors she used in her picture. Also I really liked the cross she had on her boat in the picture.
C4K #4
In Clareice’s blog post she told us she was excited about the holiday coming up because she was going to China. Her father and grandmother live there and she was excited to go see them. I replied back to her post and said you seem very excited about going to China and have fun.
C4K #5
The senior in high school tells us that “education is not a destination but is a journey”. He tells us the most important things he has learned in school. And he also tells us about how women in Saudi Arabia are treated and how they have to have permission from a male to do day to day things. But if these women were educated they would know that they don’t have to put up with this and leave!! I relied to his post by saying; I think the world would be a much better place if we were all educated.
Aaron made a chart to show how many hits a day certain websites get such as I told him I thought it was very interesting that AltaVista had way more hits than Google.
C4K #6
Cole M. wrote on his blog that summer will not last forever. So do not waste your time watching T.V. I replied to his post by saying; I do not watch T.V. so I do not waste a lot of time watching T.V. I have way too many other things to be doing rather than watching T.V.
Joe said that school has changed so much for him since 4th grade. He said that they now have their own personal computers rather than having to share computers now. I replied to his post by saying that it sounds like school for you really has changed for you since 4th grade. I did not get my own person computer until I started college.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Summary Post C4T #3 Teach #3

The first post I commented on for Mr. C’s blog was about his first week of school which was very stressful for him.  He said he needed to make more time for his planning his lessons instead of helping everyone else and not preparing for his stuff.  He also said that it was hard doing team teaching when he didn’t even have time to plan stuff with the other teacher!  He also stated he was teaching math for the first time in eight years; he was trying to put real world stuff behind it so it would seem easier for the students!  I commented back to his blog by saying I like your thoughts about how to be prepared for the first week of school and good luck with getting the students to learn with real world experiences in math class.
In the second post I commented on for Mr. C’s blog he stated that he was reflecting on his first day of school.  He reflected on this day of school to better his elf and to make sure the coming days of school were better and better.  He told us what he needed to improve on and what he needed to do to make the class more beneficial for the students!  He said he needed to talk to the children more and not about himself so he will get to know the children.  He also said he needed to be prepared for problems in the classroom the students might have before he comes to class.   I replied to his post by saying; I thought it was wonderful he was reflecting on the first day to better his class.  And I also think that all teachers should do this so that their students get the best quality experience in the classroom they need.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter to Educators
In Morgan’s post she tells us how she was tired of her teachers just lecturing and nothing else. She stated they were not pushed to get together with other students and help or anything like that. All that they had to depend on was the teacher. The world is changing daily and if our teachers are not somewhat changing with it, then how are we supposed to learn new stuff so we can teach our future children in our classrooms? I totally agreed with Morgan and everything she had to say. I also loved Brains video; I am glad someone has chosen to make a stand and try and make a change. You know that those teachers have to know that they are boring as anything why don’t they try and get with the 21st century? I agree with both of them they both had very good points. I agree that sitting in a classroom for countless hours is worthless. After about fifteen minutes every single student in that classroom is thinking of something totally different than what the teacher is lecturing! I believe that if the teachers do not get with the program our future is not going to go anywhere!
An Open Letter to Educators
Two Questions That Can Change Your Life
My Sentence: She is there to help no matter what or when! I loved this video this really made you think, it made you think not only about yourself but about others around you. It also made you think wow was I my best yesterday and what can I do for tomorrow to make it my best I can be!!
Two Questions That Can Change Your Life

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Blog Post #9

Mr. McClung had a good point about knowing the audience, and if they do not understand you are wasting your time and theirs. I loved the fact of keeping a smile on his face when a lesson or project did not go well for Mr. McClung. If you let the children realize you are upset about how something went on in the class they are more than likely to get upset as well. I love his note about be reasonable, “don’t”. He says don’t set your expectations too high and that you get upset when the children do not do exactly what you wanted them to do. We as teachers really cannot be scared of technology; technology is everywhere we look especially in the classroom and in our children’s lives. I loved the comment the child made about knowing when the teacher cared about them. Some children might not be able to be themselves or express themselves anywhere but school, and when they are at school they need all the attention they can get.
At the Teachers Desk

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Post #8

This Is How We Dream Part 1 and 2
Mr. Miller was right about not even having to go to a single library to do a bit of research. He said he did a report on the shooting at Virginia Tech and he did not leave his computer to get information. It is amazing what kind of information we have at our finger tips. We just need to know how to do adequate research and amazing presentations. Miller tells us also that we can go look at the news papers online and see the article and the picture moving; it is a news cast on the news paper. It makes for a more interactive documents.

We need to use publication as well in our multimedia writing. When we use multimedia images and videos around the world we are helping spread education all over the world. We need to use the web to also inform others of events in our our town or country, these multimedia videos might be the only way some people know about what is going on across the world.

I believe that I will be prepared to write with multimedia! This class has been beyond helpful, and has actually been fun. It is always fun to learn new stuff and I believe our future students will enjoy learning how to write with multimedia. If we teach our children this kind of technology we will have a bright future in this world.

Project # 11 Short Movie

Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Post #7

At the beginning of Randy’s speech he introduces himself then breaks the news to us about his illness! This illness does not stop even though he does not have much longer to live. He demonstrates to us that he is healthier than a lot of other people. He seems to be very strong and he is not trying to get sympathy he is still trying to live his life as normal as possible.
He then tells us he had a bunch of childhood dreams. I don’t remember having any certain childhood dreams. Maybe I was too busy running around and I didn’t have time to think about these things. Never the less this list Randy had he accomplished about every dream. Who can say they have accomplished just about all of their childhood dreams.
He talked about his football coach as a child who taught him a special lesson. His coach taught him not only football; but he taught him how to work with others and team work. We as future educators need to work these kind of lessons into anything and everything. We think lessons like this will not make an impact on children; but I think they are listening to us more than we think.
This speech was wonderful! Not only did he have so many inspiring things to say it was touching. He gave this speech for his children. He wanted them to have something to look back on and to inspire them and to give them some tips on life. He never tried to make us feel bad for him, he was just giving his speech for his children. He is probably the strongest person I have ever seen, to act the way he does and live the way he dose to be in his position. The whole time during this speech I couldn’t help but think why him? I am glad we watched this video, it was very good and very touching!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Additional Assignment #2

I believe that if learners are motivated they can definitely teach themselves anything they put their heart to. As Sugata Mitra shows us in this video children can teach themselves. They were very interested in what they saw in the computer and they learned how to work it. The computer and internet were both very new to these village people in India; they learned so fast how to work the computer. When we got a new toy as children, didn’t we try and learn how to work it and didn’t stop until we could do it just perfectly? This computer is just like us having that new toy on Christmas morning. They were determined and anxious to get this new toy working. Motivation plays a huge role in a desire to learn, if a child has no motivation, then he or she will not be willing to learn new material. If we do not have problems or questions then how would we get to the source of the problem. It was all trial and error in this experiment Mitra did. In order to motivate someone you have to first catch their interest! I do not think anyone who is not motivated to learn will learn. They might remember something for a few days but it will not stick. I believe that we do teach our self daily! We teach ourselves daily because we are around different and new stuff every day, but only if we are interested will it probably stick with us. A teacher is there as a guide to help us along our intellectual journey. This video was amazing; children are brilliant! Children are not given all the credit they should be, they can figure out most anything you put in front of them. I was amazed at how much the children learned month after month that Mr. Mitra came back to see them. I think that we as aspiring teachers should take into consideration that our children can be very prominent self learners and that we need to use computers and technology in our classrooms.
picture of children and a teacher at a computer

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Project #10 PLN

My personal learning network has grown tremendously, more than I could have ever imagined! I am now on twitter and following many teachers and I have opened my horizons to look and do more research on my own. At first I thought I would never use this class as a teacher; but now I am so amazed at how all of these tools Dr. Strange has introduced is going to be so helpful in my classroom. I am so thankful now to have someone that will teach me how to do my own research! I have never been in another classroom that has taught me so much. This is the only class out of my whole college career that has thought me so much I already did not know.

Time Toast Individual Project #9a

Summary Post C4T #2

 Mr. Crosby says that children are not being taught about what is outside of most kids little town so they know nothing about anything other than what is in their town.  He says we need to open their minds and let them explore.  I responded by saying I totally agree and that with the technology we have today there is no excused for not letting them learn and explore what is out in the world.

In “learning is messy” Mr. Crosby  shows us some things to do for Thanksgiving and to teach the children the history or Thanksgiving.  The children and their teacher all brought together authentic foods the pilgrims ate on the first thanks giving.  Some of the children had never even had a thanksgiving meal.  The children learned a lot from this the watched videos on this occasion about the first Thanksgiving and learned so much.  Most of all they enjoyed the active learning.  I responded to his post by saying; this is a wonderful activity to do with all ages groups.  I  would have enjoyed this project so much in school.  The kids learn so much more when they are actively involved.  I will definitely use this in my classroom.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blog Post #6

The Networked Student

A teacher is still needed for a networked student.  They are needed if the student gets stuck and needs some help finding something or gets lost in the process of researching a certain topic.  She also helps her student organize all of their information they have already acquired. 
I love the thought of connectivism.  Connectivisim can be used in so many ways not just online.  It keeps you actively looking for answers not just looking in a certain book.  I love the idea of not having a text book; number one books cost too much and number two it is eco friendly!
I wish I had a teacher like Mrs. Drexler when I was in middle school.  I believe that all teachers should encourage their students to become active learners and to expand their social network.  But, teach them how to use she social networks in a safe and beneficial way.  Online blogging and research is what our society is coming to these days, so we need to teach our children as much as possible!
A 7th Graders Personal Learning Environment

This 7th grader just blew my mind!  She is amazing in my book.  I cannot believe kids that young know how to do this kind of stuff that we as college students are just now learning.  These children are going to be our future leaders, they are going to be brilliant!  Her PLE is way more broad than my PLN.  I wish i was as wise as this little girl and had as much insight as she does on how to enhance her PLE.
 The Machine is Changing Us

The speaker brought up several good points.  He also used several funny videos.  One thing he talked about was making an identity for yourself in the classroom.  If you want to have a relationship with a teacher you have to make an identity for yourself. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Summary Post C4K comments 1 and 2

In Kiley M.’s “It’s All About Me!” Kiley tells us about her family, she has two brothers and two sisters, she is the youngest of all of them. She is good at asking questions in class when she does not understand what is going on. She likes to draw and would die if she did not have her cell phone! I commented her back and said that I am not a fan of math either. I like to paint so I guess that is kind of like drawing as well. And that if I did not have my cell phone I would die as well.
Kiley’s Manifesto was about being a better student. She said she will pay more attention so she will understand what is going on at school. She will use what she learns at school in everyday life. She is determined to get her education to get a good job. I replied to her post by saying; you are a very smart girl to stay focused on your school work. You can still have fun with your friends and do your school work. I believe if you keep your mind set the right way you will have a very bright future.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Asissnment #5

I never thought about using podcasts for younger children until reading “Langwitches”. The children used so many skills during the pod cast. We would not think they would use in this kind of project. Technology really is so helpful in all grades and is continuing to get better.
The Education Podcasting Network
I think this website will benefit all teachers who are a little older and did not learn how to use podcasts and or computers at all. If teachers will use this website to learn how to do podcast then teach their children they will give them a better start for the future. I think this website is great and will help those who do not know much about technology, if they are willing to put for the effort.
Judy Scharf Podcast Collection
Mrs. Scharf’s tips on how to do a podcast were very helpful. She gave step by step directions on how to succeed in your podcast and how to plan according to a certain time frame to get your podcast done. She was very helpful about how to research your topic. If you follow these steps she has laid out you should have no problem.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Blog Assignment 4

Don’t Teach Your Kids this Stuff. Please?
In “Don’t Teach Your Kids this Stuff. Please?”, Mr. McLeod makes some comical points. He is telling parents, teachers, board members and administrators not to teach children about anything having to do with computers or technology. As we all know though our world as we know it is coming to a very technological state. Everything we want to know is at our finger tips and children need to learn about it. But at the end of his blog he says please do not do any of this; “cause I'm doing all of it with my kids”. He is trying to say you all don’t do it, I am and I am going to kind of experiment and see how far my children go with this extra knowledge.
The iSchool Initiative
I think this is a wonderful ideal. If a school can just save on paper cost alone they would save a ton of money and that would mean not as many teachers let go. This would also be wonderful when we have book shortages in class rooms with the iSchool all children would get a book and would have a chance at learning. All of the cut backs would be great for any school system.
The only drawback to this idea is that some parents or guardian do not have access to a computer to look at upcoming events or to look at their child’s grades. And would the public school system by all of the students and iSchool or would the parents buy this device? But I think this is a great idea if it will help cut back cost and improve spending elsewhere in the school systems across the nation.
Lost Generation
WOW!! This was an amazing video, I loved it. I was shocked at the beginning of this video and at the end I was amazed at the creativity. We are the ones who can change the world; we need to make a difference. The technique used in the presentation was awesome I have never seen anything like it. This was my most favorite video so far!
Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir
I grew up going to church and listening to the choir sing. But I have never heard such beautiful voices in my life. Our church choir meets at least once or twice a week for several hours at a time to practice. And these people have never met. This was the most amazing thing to watch. It is scary that we don’t even have to meet a person in person to practice something. And it’s also amazing to think what a little mic and camera can do and can connect 185 people together from across the world to organize a choir. The internet absolutely amazes me every single day there is more to learn.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

Google Squared is very educational because it gives you numerous more facts than what you typed in. It is like a flower, it petals out into additional information that has to do with what you searched for. It takes information from other websites and puts it in a spreadsheet. Wolfram alpha is educations because it computes number for you and facts about numbers of population or stock; just anything to do with numbers. Before this assignment I did not know about Google Squared or Wolfram Alpha. I am very happy I found out about these sites, I will definitely be used the sites for future searches. My thoughts and comments I made in my blog about Did You Know have not changed. I did not talk about statistics in my blog post. Statistics cannot be taken seriously until you compare ratios of the countries first. The stable boy story was very sweet! I work at a day care and I had my ipod touch out and a for year old came up to me and started playing games and moving stuff around it was very amazing! Kind of similar to the story we read.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Assignment 3

A Vision of Study Today
This video is very factual. Every year we spend thousands of dollars on book that we do not even use in a class. What is that doing for us? I will be probably in debt about $30,000 when I graduate. I pay for my own college.
If you are a good persistent student you usually really do spend about 3.5 hour’s online everyday if not more. I too work about two to three hours a day. I full time college student can’t hardly work much more than that. I agree with the seven hours spent sleeping every day, if I get more than that I must not be doing enough homework. I loved this video it was all so true and we don’t thing about every other college student going through the same thing we are, it’s world wide.
It’s not about the Technology
Ms. Hines starts by telling us that technology is not the key to learning everything in schools. First teachers need to know there students to get anything across to them. If the teachers do not know the latest trends in learning then they might not get across to the students. She says we have to “work smarter not harder.” This means some students might learn differently so if we “work smarter” meaning getting them to learn according to their learning ability it will stick better.
The use of computers in schools is useless if the teacher does not know how to use it. Why have a smart bored if the whole time during class the teacher is learning how to used it while teaching, that is taking time away from the children learning. Ms. Hines says that if a teacher can come up with a creative new way to teach a certain subject then go for it! This will only help and prepare the student for what is yet to come.

Is it ok to be a technology illiterate teacher?
I agreed with everything Mr. Fisch had to say. If we do not use technology in today’s class room how are we going to connect with our children in our class room. Today’s world revolves around technology and computers.
We have to teach our children how to look other places to find answer and to explore outside or a text book. I wish I had these types of skill before I entered college. So as future teachers we are going to have to engage in technology and help our kids learn as much as they can about it. This will change our world as we know it.

Social Media Count
This media count is ridicules. We do not actually think about any of this on a daily basis. This means that personal networking is booming and people are staying connected in so many ways more than face to face. This would never have happened twenty years ago. Now we can learn so many new things as future teachers that we would not have learned about unless we went to a billion workshops. These new online tools will help us greatly.

Summary C4T #1

In Mrs. Ann Carnevale’s first blog I commented on she explains how to bookmark pdf files.  She also added a link to a page that showed us fourteen exercises to do on the first day of class; some get to know your class activities.  I replied to Mrs. Carnevale’s post by say thank you for the tip on how to bookmark a pdf file, this will save me a lot of headaches in the near future I will no longer be scrolling up and down a page for hours trying to find what I read ten minutes ago.  And the fourteen ways to get to know your class link was very cute and very good ideas about how to see what the kids and I have in common with the each other.  The second blog I commented on was about websites Mrs. Carnevale thought would help teachers in the class room pertaining to technology such as the smart board and voice thread.  She also posted a video of an introduction to the wonder wheel on Google.  I replied to her blog by saying these different tools used in the class room will help with all types of learning abilities.  I wish my teachers would have used interactive learning techniques when I was in school, I think I would have done a lot better.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Did you know
This video was amazing. I could actually see all of these facts actually happening. They seem unrealistic at first but they are so real. And apparently American kids are not as smart as Indian kids, which is really sad for us as future educators to think about. We need to make a bigger impact on these children lives so we can change these statistics.
Seeing how all the technology has changed over the past twenty years is insane. Who knew the first text was in 1992. I thought the first text was maybe in 2002. It is kind of crazy to think how different life might be ten years from now, and how technology shapes our lives.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
This move was very funny. If I woke up and everything was different I would have freaked out. Mr. Winkle was very brave to go and explore the city he was in. Even if someone was in a coma for a year or so and woke up they would probably feel as though Mr. Winkle did. In this day in age we come create new technologies every day and build new buildings daily. You cannot miss a single thing now or you will be lost in society, things change daily around here.
The video was right about schools not changing in the way we sit in class and listen to the teacher. But even though we still do school the same way we have added a bit of technology to it. We now bring computers to school with us and submit homework online sometimes. We also have smart boards along with countless other new technologies.

The importance of creativity
If your are scared you are going to do the wrong thing then you will mess up. If we just go with what we are feeling we will probably come up with something creative. I have never thought about schools killing creativity as Sir Kin Robinson said, but he is absolutely right.
If one kid is acting out or not being quiet he or she is sent to the office. Then these children think they shouldn’t do anything else, for fear of being sent to the office. This will prohibit them from coming out and showing their creativity. We need to encourage our kids in the class room to be themselves. This will create even more creative people in the world. I loved this video he was very funny and was completely honest with his thoughts and ideas.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
This video was very informational. I wish I would have had a teacher like Mrs. Davis when I was in high school. She helped her kids prepare for college technology class and helped enhance their personal networks of learning.
I believe we should have classes like this in all high schools across the United States. The graduation rates would be up in all schools if the kids had more help and knowledge of how to look certain items up and looking at others blogs that have already done the stuff they are doing. We as future educators need to work this type of system into our class rooms to not only teach our children but to stay connected with them even when they don’t make it to school.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Assignment 1

I was born in Mobile and I have lived here my whole life. A few of my interest include Braves baseball, cricuting(electronic cutting machine for crafting) and a new interest of mine is tennis. The reason for my attendance at USA is because I could not see myself any where else. I came from a small private school, and although USA is not small it is not too overwhelming as well. I have one sister who is attending cosmetology school currently. She went to USA for one year and decided it was not for her; at least she tired! My mom was a stay at home mom the whole time I was in school, when my sister and I graduated she decided she did not want to just sit at home, so she became a substitute teacher at the school we attended. One day before work I went to visit her; she had 3rd grade that day. When I got there they were doing math work so I jumped right in and started helping. Helping those kids and realizing I just helped them learn made a huge impact on me that day. It was the greatest experience I had ever experienced I finally realized what I was supposed to do in life. That is when I decided I needed to change my major to education. Prior to education i was a business major. I love to be outside doing activities. I do not watch T.V.; never really been a big T.V. junkie. I am kind of shy, but in this field I think you kind of got to get over that; I am currently working on that part of my personality.